Ivan akuro utau 
Ivan Akuro

Japanese:悪ろイワン( Akuro Iwan)
Name Interpretation:

悪(aku,evil) ろ("ro",from"android")

Model: 015

Katie Amakura,Best Friend, love interest, same type Sophie,Friends, same type

Star, Friends, same type

SteveKnow, same type

AGE 15 HOMEPAGE For now,none WEIGHT 57KG
VOICE SOURCE TheKatie2145 Picture link list [1] BIRTHDAY February 15( date that was desgined)
LIKES apples,guns(but not to hurt people), Katie, pandas MEDIA LIST [2] RELASE DATE 10/07/2012
DISLIKES To annoy his friends,Kagamine Len SIGNATURE SONG N/A PERSONALITY Gentle, kind, quiet, a little clumsy

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Medium carrot

Eye color:orange

Dress:Dark red shirt with black, sleeveless jacket and hooded gray, dark gray pants, belt with hanging red and dark gray snickers, white and red.( His clothes has something like a heart rate, also his belt)

Nationality/Race:Argentinian , half human, half android

Favorite phrase:"I always remember the moments together ..."

-He is not afraid to tell the others that he fells in love, but when he is with Katie, he says "that's no true!"

-He and the TK-s has an ask-blog

-He can not be paired with other utau

-In his left eye, he has a binary code, but is difficult to notice it (it can be notice when he is in a very dark room)

-At first his japanese name was いばん(Iban), but then his creator (TheKatie2145) decided to change it to イワン(Iwan), because for her, sound more "funny"

-His item is an AK-47, because his creator want something original and she was playing Call of duty while she was making Ivan's design

-Ivan hates Kagamine Len

.Behind his snickers, he has two smalls rockets

-He loves pandas

Voice Configuration

His voice is in japanese but do not rule the idea of making a voicebank in Spanish

Flags: Y0H0g-4

ACT.3 can be download Ivan Akuro boxart 2

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