(Japanese: アイヴィス - Aivisu)


Ivis- A play on the words "ivy" and "iris."

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE D4-C6 RELATED CHARACTERS Dione Merula (Same voice provider)

Elky (Same voice provider)

AGE 25 GENRE Pop, ballad, techno HOMEPAGE YouTube (Creator's YouTube)
WEIGHT 125 lbs (57 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Caduceus staff CREATOR Roruna (AKA Pianobench)
BIRTHDAY Unknown LIKES Snakes, rats, worms, gardening MEDIA LIST YouTube
RELEASE DATE June 16, 2014 DISLIKES Negativity, people who kill rats. SIGNATURE SONG Rotten Heresy and Chocolate
PERSONALITY: In her words, Ivis believes that "posivity can change the world!" and acts accordingly. She approaches everything she can with a lighthearted attitude, which leads some people to believe that she's unintelligent or incompetent. Unfortunately, sometimes her optimism can lead to her making mistakes, and she's terrible at owning up to them.

Supplemental Information

Ivis Concept Art

Ivis's design (with jewels in her eyes). Art by ClearlyMachine.

Hair color: Green, tricolored.
Skin color: Pale, green-tinged.
Eyes: Nonexistent, though she sometimes puts marbles or jewels into her empty eye sockets to "accessorize."
Outfit: A short top and skirt made to resemble ivy, and brown ankle boots.
Accessories: A barrette made to look like a leaf. She carries a staff in the image of a Caduceus, with her two pet snakes wrapped around it. She also sometimes wears glasses, despite the fact that she has literally no need to, because "they make [her] look smart."
Race: Reaper

Voice Configuration

Ivis has a very soft, deliberately cutesy voice, that works best in the high range.

Download her act 1 voicebank (1-pitch, CV) here.

Recommended resampler: tn_fnds, EFB-GT, mode4
Recommended flags: BRE10g-5H20C20


  • Both of Ivis's eyes were damaged irreparably in an accident during her early childhood, leaving her with no choice but to have them removed. Thus she is completely blind, with two empty sockets for eyes.
  • She has two pet snakes, named Adam and Eve, that she has with her at almost all times. Ironically, the one she named Adam is female, and the one named Eve is male. Whether she realizes this or not is a mystery.

Usage Clause

1.Redistribution is acceptable so long as full credit is given to the original creator and no ownership is claimed over the bank.

2.No restrictions are placed on the use of this bank in violent, disturbing, or sexual songs. Go wild.

3.There are no restrictions against using this bank in religious music.

4.Commercial use is allowed so long as you first obtain the creator's permission.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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