Izaya Suzuki

Izaya Suzuki (Suzuki,Izaya)

Izaya is an american name.

Suzuki means "bell tree", suzu for "bell",and ki for "tree"

Things you should know

Izaya happens to be perverted and naive.

He likes most vocaloid girls including UTAU'S Teto Kasane,Ruko Yokune,Acme Iku,etc.

He's confused about love.

He has a certain weird moan noise in his voicebank.(o.o)(just like Acme iku)


"i...uhhh...i-i-i-i-i.......uhh i forgot ^-^;"

"I'm a UTAU not a mathmatician"


-He wants to fuck your mother.

-His character item is a certain magazine.

-He's related to Luna Tsukino.

-More mature vocaloid and UTAU girls ignore him while younger ones fall for him such as rin kagamine.

-He will have a parody song of world is mine, it will be called "Girls are mine"

-He's half american and japanese(with also a little mix of chinese)

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