Jackerline is a UTAU created by a danish artist. It is said it was planned for 6 years but without any process happening unto April 2016. Jackerline is a robot with a height of 182cm (Or 5"11). It is a no gender but some use the verb "He" cause by Jack D - or Jackerline Dark - As Jack D is said to be male. 

As of October 2016 was it told that throughout 2017 would Jackerline be updated to a VCV instead of the classical CV. Some says Jackerline sounds like a mix between Oliver, Fukase, Len Kagamine and the UTAU SPIKE!. Jackerline has a full background history.

Jackerline by marta Wroblewska (FB)

Jackerline drawn as drawn by creator and an unknown artist.

  "Jackerline is a robot with no gender and sexual bodyparts. It is highly said that it is build 

up by metal, and covered in "skin plastic" with a wig on. Under the wig, will a "door" to it's technical brain be, and is also where the shifting of "data base core" can be shifted out.

It has four arms, where 2 actually can be taken off, but are often seen with all four arms

. The back arms are mostly used for climbing and grabbing while the "normal" arms are used for daily life stuff.

Jackerline was original built to be a rescue robot, but as its owner decided to use it for his singer rescuer company. Here Jackerline got the job of being the all-around-man to go around and fix technic

al fails. Since Jackerline often had fixed its own wires was it an easy job. Later to be met by the singer Onaya, there introduced It to the world of songs.

Personality Jackerline's personality seems "cold" to "warm" as it really don't know emotions. It is afterall a robot, but every day it tries to learn to 

mimic emotions. This often shows in a happy smile as it has mimiced "Onaya" through it's live time. It has a desire to feel emotions though."

As of November 1st 2016 have Jackerline been downloaded more than 40 times. Here of is 35% living in Japan. The most populary covers are Mind brand and Anthena followed by Patchwork Toxin and Ugly Guy Documentary of November 2016.

Source and VB Download

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