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Jagaimo Kyouran

Jagaimo Kyouran


(Japanese: ジャガイモ キョウラン - じゃがいも きょうらん - Jagaimo Kyouran)

ジャガイモの Jagaimo (Potato)

狂乱 Kyouran (Frenzy)

Nickname: Kyo


MODEL: #909



Act 1: F4~F6

Act 2 (WIP, CV Only): A4~G6


Shizukana Chikari(Sister-like friend, fellow Aoruloid, fellow Primary)

Jagaimo Himei (Brother, fellow Aoruloid)

Chiritsu Madaaku (Stalked by, fellow Aoruloid)

Fuhai Teki (Thinks lowly of, fellow Aoruloid)

Miryoku Tekiro (Purposely annoys, fellow Aoruloid, fellow Primary)

Nakasone Makoto (Best Friend)

Ron Keine (Idol)

AGE 15 GENRE Rock, Ballad, Electro Pop, Dark HOMEPAGE

EA's UTAU and Vocaloid


WEIGHT 110 lbs (50 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Potato CREATOR EnigmaticAgitator
BIRTHDAY March 29 LIKES Parties, potatoes, and although she enjoys anime she is more interested in western culture. Other things she likes are sleeping, drawing (although she refuses to admit she adores art), riding her bike, the colour blue, and cracking jokes. MEDIA LIST TUMBLR YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE December 29, 2013 DISLIKES Math, people, affectionate relationships, millipedes, physical activity, yanderes, and the number 4 SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: She’s extremely tsundere, but in more of a smug way, and is usually really harsh towards others. Although she seems mean, she is actually really sensitive and paranoid about others. Once she’s comfortable around others, she’ll normally act nicer. A smirk is normally plastered on her face, and she's very open about her sarcastic persona. On the other hand, she's almost like a child in a sense, and can get contented and frustrated at the smallest things.

Supplemental Information

Hair Colour: Naturally silver, but dyed light blue mostly.

Eye Colour: Red, but wears blue contacts.  Heavy, so they don't appear purple.

Headphones: White, but she only wears them when singing.

Outfit: A black dress with a blue collar that comes outward in a cone shape, a blue belt, black gloves, and black boots with blue laces.  Occasionally wears white tights.  Blue socks.

Nationality: Japanese with Russian background

Catchphrase: この野郎、あなたは本当に馬鹿です? (You bastard, you are really that dumb?)

Voice Configuration

CV Voicebank 1.0: DOWNLOAD

CV Voicebank 2.0: Completed, but not released

VCV Voicebank: Oto stage

CV Append Voicebanks

  • Dark - WIP
  • Power - WIP
  • Sweet - WIP

VCV Append Voicebanks

  • Dark - WIP
  • Power - WIP
  • Sweet: WIP

CV VC English - Upcoming

French - Upcoming

  • Currently, Kyouran only sings in Japanese with a romaji voicebank that does not have aliases.

Terms of Use

- Please do not redistribute or use this UTAU to make profit without my permission.

- Do not claim Kyouran as your own

- No permission is needed for download

- If used, please put her name in the title

- Make sure to credit me if used

- Oto editing is allowed, but do not redistribute your edited version

- Do not use her samples in other voicebanks

- Do not use Kyouran in anything triggering or illegal


  • Kyouran was once called Host Club in an attempt to make fun of her, but she got all of her friends to wear the outfits to their school the next day (she being Tamaki of course).  No one has ever called her that since.
  • Baseball is her favourite sport, and she's actually very good at it.
  • She's overly emotional when it comes to anything
  • She lives for obscure references
  • Tea Parties are her favourite past time, but the only person who'll ever do them with her is her friend Chikari.
  • She owns a stuffed bear that she sleeps with every night
  • She has a fear of yanderes due to Madaaku stalking her.
  • She is the self-proclaimed leader of the Aoruloids.  Nobody really cares either way, though.


  • Jagaimo KyouranGo to On deviantART
  • Basic picture of Kyouran
  • Kyouran in Demon GirlfriendGo to Video
  • o boi look at these bffls so hot ima diGo to If you really like it check it out here (???)

Here is an assortment of photos that consist of her.  Feel free to draw her if you want, and I can put the picture up here.


UTAU COVER Fluticasone Jagaimo Kyouran and Shizukana Chikari-003:31

UTAU COVER Fluticasone Jagaimo Kyouran and Shizukana Chikari-0

Fluticasone (Kyouran is the high part)

UTAU VB RELEASE Revenge Syndrome Jagaimo Kyouran Download03:04

UTAU VB RELEASE Revenge Syndrome Jagaimo Kyouran Download

Revenge Syndrome

【UTAU Newcomer】Demon Girlfriend 【Jagaimo Kyouran】04:16

【UTAU Newcomer】Demon Girlfriend 【Jagaimo Kyouran】

Demon Girlfriend - First Cover

【UTAUカバー】Gothic and Loneliness 【じゃがいも きょうらん】05:02

【UTAUカバー】Gothic and Loneliness 【じゃがいも きょうらん】

【UTAU COVER】 Invisible 【Jagaimo Kyouran and Shizukana Chikari】03:39

【UTAU COVER】 Invisible 【Jagaimo Kyouran and Shizukana Chikari】

Invisible - Jagaimo Kyouran V2 and Shizukana Chikari

This article was written for this UTAU by her creator.  The things written here are subject to change at any time.  Please do not change any of the information without my consent first.  Thanks!

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