Jessie Madoka V4

Jessie-Wealthy Madoka- Flower

Wealthy Flower

TYPE: Utauloid
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE Jessie Madoka V4's range is not defined RELATED
Loves Kaito & his Voice Sibling? Jesse V1
AGE in' 20's GENRE Not defined HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT Unknown CHARACTER ITEM Pomegranates & some Ice Cream CREATOR jag2583/Jessie
HEIGHT 4'10 with boots 5'1 VOICE SOURCE jag2583 PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY 3/12 LIKES Pomegranates(Item), ice cream, water, kind people, works hard, fell head over heels for Kaito. MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE TBA DISLIKES mean people, the cold, gross things, being alone, being a failure SIGNATURE SONG TBA
ADDITIONAL INFO: She enjoys to draw, also likes cats, she wants to try her very best at being in fame

Concept Art

JessieV4 conceptshhett

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