Jie Mingxia is a UTAUloid. Her name is Chinesse for {Jie} cleanliness and {Mingxia} clear halo.


Hair color: Darkish blue with drill locks on both sides

Headgear: none

Eyecolor: her right eye is white and her left eye is black

Outfit: Her shirt is just like Hatsune Miku's, but the colors are black and white and she does not wear a tie, her skirt is colored blue like her hair, her shoes are past the knee converse the color of her shirt and eyes. Also, her right ear is pirced.

Nationality/Race: She is from China but was halfly raised in Japan, she is a Android human.

Personality: She likes to think she is smarter than most people and can do more. She is stern and never really smiles unless seen with a person she is close friends with or has a crush on. She loves things clean and will make you clean something if you did it wrong or didn't clean it at all.

Character item: Broom or blueberry cake

MyStyle (40)

Voice Potrayals

Her voice is some what cracky-ish and sounds sort of robotic.

Voice configuration

voicebank not released

Additional info


The song is about Jie yelling at MIku, Neru, and Teto to clean the messes they make.


The song is about Ruko and Jie trying to find out if there long lost sister on not.

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