Kitsuon Wakai thumb

Jiheisho Kimyona

(Japanese:自閉症 奇妙な - Jiheisho Kimyona)


Jiheisho - Autism (A reference to the author)

Kimyona - Queer (Again, a reference to the author)


MODEL: ???

GENDER Female VOICE RANGE E3 - F5 Orientation


AGE 17 GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Youtube Channel
WEIGHT 130lbs CHARACTER ITEM Her Pet Pig CREATOR PanTran (Jessie Smiley)
BIRTHDAY June 18th LIKES Pigs, Pink, knitting, puzzles, Being Alone, Secretly Writing Naughty Fan fiction About the Other UTAUs, Girls that Wear Mini Skirts, MEDIA LIST Youtube


RELEASE DATE Feb. 24th 2015 DISLIKES Crowds, Preforming on stage, Bacon, SIGNATURE SONG ChaosMaid
PERSONALITY: She is a very shy girl, And hates preforming in front of crowds. But her sister thinks she's an amazing singer, and pushes her out on stage in ridiculous outfits. On the outside, she is a shy, innocent, and naive young girl, but she's actually a bit of a perv. she writes naughty fan fiction about other UTAU's, and can't help but stare when she sees a girl wearing a miniskirt (They are her weakness). She does very well in school, and loves to challenge her brain with complex logic puzzles. Which means the other UTAUs are always asking her for help on professor Layton.

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color - Dirty Blonde
  • Jiheisho Kimyona Design
  • Eyes - Blue (Can't tell by picture)
  • Torso - Short pink tank-top with gold buttons and rainbow bow
  • Lower Torso - Pink shorts with gold buttons and rainbow loops
  • Race- Canadian

Voice Configuration

She sings in Romaji Japanese, with hiragana aliases

Recommended Flags: Y0H10BRE0C100

Recommended Resampler: TIPS


Usage Clause

Do not redistribute this Voicebank.

Do not use to any illegal purposes or anything that can offend people, groups and / or religion.

Do not alter anything in this voicebank.

It is OK to alter the oto.ini but do not redistribute it.

Any fan-related (Fan-Art, Fan fiction etc.) is OK, and even encouraged.

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