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(Japanese: ジョエル - Joeru)

NAME INTERPRETATION: A variation on the name Joel. The double dots on the E do not change the pronunciation - it is solely added for grammatical purposes. (In Dutch language, "oe" is a vowel, pronounced like the "oe" in "shoe". The double dots are added to the E so that it's pronounced as an E and separately from the O.) The second L is a personal preference of the creator.

TYPE: Lotte♥Loid

Hanami Hoshino (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

QUINN (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

LEONA (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

Annushka (fellow Lotte♥Loid)

Saguaro CACTLOID (weird sexual tension)

Shou Blanc (the only woman who will ever love him)

Ryszard Anioł (friend)

Hikaru Gaikokune (sworn enemy)

AGE Eternally 16 GENRE Pop and rock HOMEPAGE Lotte V's UTAU Things
WEIGHT Unspecified CHARACTER ITEM Garlic-free pizza, headphones. CREATOR Lotte V
BIRTHDAY March 2 (day of release) LIKES

Video games, pizza (without garlic!), bad jokes, flirting (though he's very bad at it).

RELEASE DATE March 2, 2012 DISLIKES Failed dates, garlic, Hikaru Gaikokune, drinking blood from people, the fact that most pizzas contain garlic. SIGNATURE SONG NONE

PERSONALITY: Joëll is a vampire who was originally born as a human. He got turned only recently, and he has trouble getting used to the vampire lifestyle. He's too scared to drink directly from humans, so instead he goes to the hospital for blood packs.
He wants to get a girlfriend real bad, but every girl rejects him because they think he's a loser. He's also bisexual, but denies he's attracted to men. He does, however, have a hidden dark, possessive side to him that shows when he's starving from thirst.

He also ages a lot slower than humans due to being a vampire, though since he got turned only recently, he is still 16.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Headphones: See concept art.
Dress/outfit: See concept art.
Nationality/Race: Dutch vampire.

Voice Configuration

His voicebanks can be downloaded from this folder.

Usage Clause

The creator of Joëll has specified a few rules regarding the usage of him:

1. Joëll may NOT be used in anything violent and/or discriminatory (violent as in: seriously trying to harm people). However, songs about fictional violence (and other controversial subjects) are allowed.

2. Adult-oriented depictions are allowed, as long as said depictions display consent between all the parties involved. Also, when said depiction is not music-related, it is preferred you ask permission beforehand, though not required.

3. Usage for religious songs is allowed, as long as it's not offensive and/or meant to convert people. Worship songs are OK.

4. Do NOT claim Joëll as your own UTAUloid.

5. When you want to RP Joëll, please ask me first.

6 When you use Joëll, you must always credit his creator.

7. Do NOT use Joëll for commercial products without permission.

8. Do NOT edit his voicebank to make your own. Fanloids are only allowed with prior permission.

9. Do NOT depict Joëll in (non-music) fanfiction unless you have permission from the creator.

10. If you encounter (cosmetic) errors with Joëll's oto.ini file, feel free to edit them. However, do NOT redistribute the edited oto.ini without permission of the creator.

11. And last, but not least: Joëll's personality is free to interpret by whoever uses him.

The information seen here is based on data provided by the author. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.