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Kasumi Jodanne

(Japanese: Jodanne 

 Kasumi; Mist')


 (Kasumi; Mist)

TYPE: Android - (Second In the Jodanne Series)




D4 is starting point


Jodanne Komiko (sister)

AGE 19 GENRE Opera HOMEPAGE Facebook


  • Kasumi Jodanne


  • Nekomakuzi
HEIGHT 5'5" feet (165cm) VOICE SOURCE Kasumi_Jodanne PICTURE LINK LIST DeviantArt Utau Gallery
BIRTHDAY Oct 19 LIKES Likes spicy foods, the colour red, playing tricks with her sister, night-time, and traveling. MEDIA LIST Youtube
RELEASE DATE July 2, 2013 DISLIKES Being deined something, party-downers, spiders and bees, and hot sunny days SIGNATURE SONG Spice!

PERSONALITY: Kasumi is a cunning, witty girl that loves to pull pranks on people with her older sister Komiko. She is well-mannered and quiet around new people, but once you get to know her, she's extremely friendly [if she likes you]. She's also shockingly short-tempered even though her emotional program is only 27% active, which also explains her curiousity for human emotions, and her lack of understandment of human attachment. She also loves to party and dislikes "party-downers".

Supplemental InformationEdit

Hair color: Black fading into White Earphones: Wears her custom pink, red and purple headphones [attachable microphone], but she likes using a microphone more. Eye color: Her outter iris is blue while the inside is green. Dress/Outfit: She wears a long red dress with a dark crimson corset, with long flowing red armbands. She has two very noticeable bows, one that keeps her ponytail up and one on the back of her dress, followed up by ribbons with bells that keep the poofs up around her face. She also has a lock piece in her chest that you can clearly see. She also walks in platform boots, that add her desired height.

Nationality/Race: Android

Voice ConfigurationEdit

Kasumi's voice is using the basic CV program, and I'm still finishing up her Japanese bank before I start working on any of her multilingual banks. I will be adding onto this soon!

Usage ClauseEdit

1. Do not redistribute. Please contact the creator if you wish to use her.

2. Do not claim ownership of this character and her voicebank.

3. Do not create songs in any way that include any slander, racism, or anything that infringes the rights of a person or group of people.

4. Do not violate any rights or copyright policies using this character.

5. She is not for commerical use. Please contact the creator if you wish to do so.  This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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