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(Japanese: 輝く情熱 - Kagayaku Jonetsu)

輝く (Kagayaku) – Multiple meaning “Shine,” “Glow,” or “Glisten."
情熱 (Jonetsu) – Multiple meaning “Passion,” “Enthusiasm,” “Zeal,” or “Spirit."

TYPE: HOGARAKALOID (in Japanese, '朗らか'LOID) – Interpreted as ‘Cheerful UTAUloid'

MODEL: 8.3 – Stamped on left shoulder.


Jon Kagayaku(Genderbend)

Hoshi Tsukiyomi (Best buddy)

Amare Arco (Friend)

Ai Ikeda (Close friend)

AGE Physically 15 GENRE Various HOMEPAGE To Come!
WEIGHT 117 lbs (53 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Turnip CREATOR Cleffakaykay



Turnips, sociality, traveling, singing, playing guitar



RELEASE DATE January 9, 2012 DISLIKES Radishes, Type A's, sleeping, math SIGNATURE SONG Shine Dance
PERSONALITY: Jonetsu is usually bold and extroverted. She has a rather blunt and straightforward personailty, which typically earns her the impression of either trustworthy, if percieved well, or rather obnoxious, if otherwise. Even under all the strength that lies atop her passionate personailty, this young lady harbors a heart of gold and wants nothing more in life than to make her mark. All flaws aside, Jo has no issue with charging into life with full force and making the most of it while she does!


Hair: Light purple/pale lavender with two small and erect pink tails up at the top of her head. Her hair is wavy and falls not far beneath her shoulders. She has messy bangs that rise high enough that you can see most of her eyebrows.

Headgear: Earpiece

Eye Color: Light purple/pale lavender (matches hair color)

Earpiece: Small; black with dark gray on the microphone part.

Dress: Mid-to-light pink sleeveless short dress with ruffles on the bottom. Silver line across the

Jonetsu body revamped

A reference of Jonetsu in her latest appearance.

bottom edge and silver long and tight shorts under the dress. Silver cinch belt with a white music note facing left in the middle as a buckle. Silver bandana around neck with a pink line bordering the lower edge. Hairbands for pink tails are not visible behind two matching white music note accessories that face left. Long white fingerless gloves that begin at about half the arm’s length, pink on hand area and pink on the upper edge. Pink boots, about ankle length, large circular rings that are split in the front middle. They have thick purple lines lining their edges. The shoe part is open so that her socks are shown. It has 2 pink straps per shoe and silver soles.

Nationality/Race: Unknown/subject to personal interpretation

Favorite Phrase: “I like to shine the best when everything else is dark.”

Voice Configuration

Jonetsu has no appends, but she has 4 acts. Her act 1 is CV and un-oto'd, her act 2 is the same voicebank with otos, her act 3 is a VCV Lite voicebank, and her act 4 is VCV +CV. She sings in romaji and hiragana (hiragana starts in Act 2) until Act 3, where she does not sing in romaji any longer.

Act 3 Voicebank Download

Act 4 Voicebank Download - Coming soon!

(Usage clause MUST be followed during use, can be found directly below.)

Usage Clause

· You may never use Kagayaku Jonetsu for trolling or illegal purposes. You may not use her for commercial purposes of any sort unless Cleffakaykay has clearly stated that you may to you specifically.

· You may not claim Kagayaku Jonetsu’s image or voice as your own.

· You may not use Kagayaku Jonetsu without crediting Cleffakaykay (her creator.) DO NOT edit this page without complete and clear consent of Cleffakaykay. If an edit is made by a user who is NOT Mewberry101, aliased name of Cleffakaykay, certain information on this page may not be accurate.

· You may not steal or copy Kagayaku Jonetsu’s image.

· Misleading copyright claim is STRICTLY forbidden.

·Creation of Kagayaku Jonetsu MMD models is welcomed and promoted, as long as the proper credit is given.

· You are not obligated to address Cleffakaykay when you use her. However, if notification is possible, it is much recommended

· If you are planning to alter her voice bank and/or redistribute it, you may ONLY do so with the complete and clear consent of Cleffakaykay.


Jonetsu full body mmd

Jonetsu's MMD model is shown to the right and was created/edited by MioDioDaVinci (via UtaForum) with the design by Cleffakaykay. It is currently not up for public download. If you'd like to use this model, please contact Cleffakaykay.

A TDA model of Jonetsu will be released at some point in the near future!

Image Gallery

Information in this page was provided by the voicebank author. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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