Jonetsune Kosuke

Jonetsune Kosuke

Jonetsune Kosuke

(Japanese:情熱音 コスケ - Jonetsune Kosuke)

コスケor 公輔 (Kosuke; True meaning unknown.)

Yes, I get it, her first name's a boy's name somehow (even though it was writen up as a unisex name on 6 different sites!) but frankly IDGAF.... and nor does she! ...I think.

情熱音 (Jonetsune; The sound of passion, passion sound )

TYPE: UTAU, KASSYDloid (refering to my 6 UTAUs.)
MODEL: 01 (this number is located under the hair at the back of the head;on the base of the skull)

Jonetsune Daisuke (Twin brother-younger)

Yuki Kwon   (Friend)

Angel Red (Guardian Angel)

Sensei (Friend [ calls him, "Big Guy" sometimes, much to his dissaproval... but she does it anyway..! XD])

Sonny Belgrave (Best Friend [BFFs~!])

Vocaloid: Lily (Idol)

AGE 18
WEIGHT 109lb//49kg CHARACTER ITEM Passion Fruit, XLR to speaker cable(plug socket in upper chest area)(colour: black but shines wine red) CREATOR




Bra: 32F

...what? you said measurements...


6th ‎July

(The day I got her and Daisuke to work)

The "0713" found on her and her brother's left arms signifies the month above: "07", and the year they were created: "13".


Summer, Passion Fruits, her XLR cable, Fire Lillies/Orange Tiger Lilies, and at times putting those Lilies and/or some pink ribbons in Daisuke's hair because to her, "it looks cute", flirting with and chating up unsuspecting boys.(so much so that Daisuke does sometimes have to step in and drag her away from her "prey" when it gets too much.).... and Doggies. ^w^





30th November 2013

DISLIKES Icy weather (shes OK with walking on the ice; she just hates the cold), not having Fire Lilies or Passion Fruits, Anyone who hurts Daisuke!(physically OR emotionally) SIGNATURE SONG & GENRE


PopRock / Electronic

PERSONALITY: Deredere(to everybody and anybody), Tsundere(to people that swoon for her and/or are clingy with her)

Kosuke is a fun-loving, romantic girl who, I doubt knows the meaning of phrase "lady-like" and loves the limelight [ Angel Red frequently has to tell her to stop being, so unlady-like or, so much like "Sonny Belgrave"(my UTAU who is very brash, kinda lazy and at times a bit arrogant)]

She also loves to embarrass her lil' bro; even though Kosuke isn't homophobic, Daisuke's fan-crush on Gakupo Kamui is still one of the things that she teases and embarasses him about.(That and whenever he's lovey dovey with Yuki....)
Being the older of the twins, Kosuke does annoy her brother quite a bit, but she still loves him and sees it as her duty to take care of him (somewhere in her heart...)

Other Notes:

When Kosuke gets too over excited or talks too loud in the day, her voice will sometimes glitch. This happens very rarely and the glitch varies each time; one time it could be a stutter glitch, the next she could sound like her voice has been given some "Overdrive" or "Distortion", another time it could be something else; its unpredictable. She's fine again after a quick voicebank tune-up...

Another note; Kosuke has the ability to cast simple and slightly more difficult spells, and both Kosuke and Daisuke have the ability to conjure up fire from their bare hands.

Visual Description

Hair: Long, Wildly curly, Wine Red hair with a striaght, Black fringe.

Eyes: Deep, Lavender Purple.

Color Scheme: Purple, Red, Black, White.

Neck Wear: Plain dark wine-red choker connected to the top of Kosuke's top on her left side.

Top: Black "boob-tube" like top with red trim and a red breast pocket (it looks a little bit like Daisuke's jacket mixed with Yowane Haku's top, but...different).

Arm Wear/Nails: Two "miku-like" sleeves that have purple trim and a power gauge on right sleeve (looks like a green light bar). Magenta coloured nails

Trousers: Black trousers with a purple, translucent "belt-cape" like a skirt; open at the front, 3/4 down the thigh in length, brown belt and red trouser brace accessory(like Len's one on his shorts).

Footwear: White shoes with red bases.

Headphones: Looks like elf ears, black with red lights on the sides, microphone on right side of her head.

Birth Marks/Other Stuff: Heart shaped bass and treble clef mark on lower back. XLR cable plug in her upper chest.

Nationality: British-Japanese

For a better idea of how she looks, follow this link:

Kosuke Character Profile

Personal Quote(any of the two sentences that make up this passage):

This kinda sentences is said to Daisuke almost all the time after her teasing him.

"You're so easy to tease! It's so adorable, it makes me want to grab your cheeks and say 'Ootodododododoo!!'"

Voicebank Download

Link to Voicebank Download

Includes both Kosuke's and Daisuke's voicebanks. Their voicebanks' syllables are encoded in Romaji and aliased in Hiragana.

Terms of Use

1) Do NOT claim Kosuke's voicebank as your own.

2) Please don't use her voicebank commercially.

3) Please don't use her likeness commercially UNLESS I GIVE YOU PERMISSION.

4) Don't redistrubute, edit or create Fanloids of her voicebank in any way, shape, or form. 

5) Draw as much fanart of her as you want but when using her in "more adult stuff", please consult me about it first. Also, if you are planning to draw anything R-18 of her, DON'T do anything that's TOO EXPLICIT.(i.e. No drawing.....everything just... OUT...! ( O/////o))

6) You don't have to ask me to use her for a song. Please let me see the outcome though! X3

7) Please don't make her sing or say anything rude or offensive directed at anyone; though I doubt anyone will... (this includes religions, races, genders, sexualities, etc.)

8) Please don't RP her at any point, ever.

9) Please do NOT change her physical appearance, ever. Please don't change her clothing or hairstyle unless it is to suit a certain song. 

10) When uploading anything with Kosuke in it, Please don't forget to tag the upload with "Jonetsune Kosuke".

Other than that, Enjoy! =3

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