Utau kachi temes boxart by the wolf inside-d4fj6za

Kachi Temes

Kachi Temes

An UTAU made by a young deviantart and youtube user named

The-Wolf-Inside /Shadethewolf2

Kachi is currently on his 2nd voicbank however it is rumored he will be getting an append and masculine voice bank

He is aparently only 14 And is a crossdresser or a trap

His voice is quite airy and works well with rock instruments or darker songs dispite his cheery apearence.

His 2nd voicebank can be downloaded here

His English is considerably good but his voicebank is ONLY romaji please keep that in mind while using him

His next voicebank will have a hirigana bank but he has not yet

You can download his demo songs here -Cat food , Killer Lady

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