キリキズネ カゲカオ (Kirikizune Kagekao)
Kagekao: Shadow Face (face is shaded)

Kirikizune: Cut/gash sound (refers to psychotic tendencies)

TYPE: Monoloid
MODEL: 00 (number is a tattoo on forehead)
None yet
AGE 16 GENRE Anything HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT 136 lb / 61.7 kg CHARACTER ITEM Black pearl CREATOR Schattengesicht (Schatts)
HEIGHT 5'11" / 1.8 m VOICE SOURCE Schatts PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY April 9th (day recording began) LIKES Knives, swords, other bladed objects, nighttime, singing, art, darkness MEDIA LIST None yet.
RELEASE DATE WIP DISLIKES Bright lights, dancing, socializing SIGNATURE SONG None yet.
ADDITIONAL INFO: An artistic guy with psychotic and homocidial tendencies that are nullified by singing. Also has epilepsy, and doesn't like dancing because he is awkward.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Black hair that obscures some of his face and sticks out to both sides, as well as a bit at the top.

Headgear: Hat

Eye color: Blood red

Headphones: Doesn't wear them often, but black ones with red lightning/electricity designs.

Dress: Black coat with a ton of belts and chains, black t-shirt with a red biohazard motif, and loose black jeans with belts, chains, and rips.

Nationality/Race: Japanese.

Favorite phrase: "Fuuuuu... fu..." (representing insanity)

Voice Configuration

Kagekao is currently being recorded in Japanese at E3 with CV samples. His voicebank is almost finished, and will be released around April 10-12.

Usage Clause

If you have any questions, email

  • This voicebank cannot be used for ANY commercial projects.
  • This voicebank cannot be used to portray real-life persons in an offensive light, or any persons in a hateful manner. Please do not use this voicebank for political subject matter.
  • The art that goes along with this voicebank (or was otherwise created by the author) may not be used without permission. The exception to this is for cover art of songs made using this voicebank, for which you have permission to use this character's art. There are no restrictions on fanworks, whether they be stories, song-stories, art, etc. so long as the character design and voicebank are properly credited and the work follows this usage clause.
  • No derivative characters, pitching, or edits of this voicebank/character are allowed. The only allowable edits to this voicebank's samples are noise removal and gender-swapping. Editing renders from the program for songs is fine.
  • Do not redistribute this voicebank publicly or claim it as your own. Private distribution between users is allowed, but only so long as the distributor does not claim it as theirs.
  • 18+ (adult) material IS NOT acceptable with this voicebank and/or character design.
  • This character is intended to be asexual due to the dark nature of his personality and age of his voicer/creator. His voicebank/image is NOT to be used in suggestive material (i.e. Magnet, Wash My Blood). However, an exception is made for non-romantic roles in a suggestive song (i.e. harmony/chorus, or Kachess Crim/the killer in The Madness of Duke Venomania). If you are not sure, email a question to
  • The voicebank author does not take responsibility for any illegal or illicit content made with this voicebank.

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