Kaida Yuriko
Kaida is on ZE CLOUD
Box art for ACT 1

Gender Female Voice range G3-F5
Age 17 Genre all weight 60Kg (127.8681120673 lbs)
Character Item Green peppermint lolly Creator Emem-chan Height 6.4 ft.
Voice source Emem-chan Birthday 2nd November Likes

Silence,small company, singing,flowers.

Download Act 1
Relese Date 2nd November 2013 Dislikes Angry people, crowded rooms, making mistakes
Signiture song Unchosen

Is a quiet tall girl and is silent due to her past

Kaida's back story

Kaida was born in the poor side of melbourne. Her family (mother and sister) fought hard for their survival. Kaida and her family lived that way until Kaida was eight. they were at home eating a ration of dinner,some bread thirded, when her sister callapsed on the floor. They soon found she had stopped breathing and had died of starvation. Kaida was devastated. She was determined to make her mum and herself well and in a proper average home. Kaida applied for UTAU for she was only young and could not work in any other job. UTAU couldn't take her even though they wanted to because she applied at the wrong time (during all the UTAU's song releases). Kiada tried her best by selling other trinkets she found and made on the side of the road. When Kaida was twelve her mum got cancer and died quickly due to them not having enough money for the hospital bills. Her eyes went hard and lifeless and she wouldn't talk to people unless answering short questions. She applied for UTAU again and got in. She has been training her voice untill her release in 2013.

 Kaidas description

Normal Kaida has auburn hair down to her under her shoulder blades, cut neatly. she has a light pink vest with four buttons down the front. She has black and white striped leggings and purple heeled ankle boots. She has Black headphones with a mic and a glowing pink circle. on her right arm she has a green voice control bar installed into her arm. On her left arm she has a black arm band with a swirled blue music note in it. On her right foot she has a tattoo of a broken heart with wings and swirls around it. She has dark blue fingerless gloves that go just above her upper wrist. Thanks to UTAU she has most of these thing other than her volume control and her tattoo. Append She has a armor-like sports-bra-ish top. Nothing on her stomach. She has black shorts with two large speakers on the side in the same colour as her normal headphones. She is wearing a headset that is barel seen but still there. her true legs are shown since she is part cyborg and she wears no shoes.

Related Characters

Asuna Midoko-Best friend

Kagamine Rin/Len- Friends

Kagamine Lon- Friend/love interest (OC of asuna and kaidas creators. also cousin of rin and len)

Hanayo Kiru- Enemy (Abandoned UTAU)

Hatsune Miku- Enemy

Utatane Piko- acquaintance

Luka Megurine- Friend

Asune Midoko -friend

Akira Sugoshi (Upcoming UTAU) - acquaintance

Fuyu Aoitorine (Upcoming UTAU) - acquaintance

Kaido Yurika- twin brother

Some Youtube videos

Kaida demo song 1 love is war04:04

Kaida demo song 1 love is war

Kaida demo song 2 circus monster05:04

Kaida demo song 2 circus monster

Kaida demo song 3 world is mine04:21

Kaida demo song 3 world is mine

Kaida ACT104:06

Kaida ACT1

My room disco night Kaida Yuriko,Sukone Tei,Al04:25

My room disco night Kaida Yuriko,Sukone Tei,Al


Electric angel03:31

Electric angel

Happy synthesizer04:16

Happy synthesizer


Dolls Kaida Yuriko04:39

Dolls Kaida Yuriko

Shake it!03:47

Shake it!


Act2 Images


Fanart for lazerbeam3579 by xxxbunnybooxxx-d7f84pk

First fanart :3

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