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(Japanese: カイジュウ音 - かいじゅう音 - Kaijuune)

|- |colspan="6"|NAME INTERPRETATION:
Kaijuu (Monster) ne (sound) (Monster Sound)
|- |colspan="6"|TYPE: Utauloids
MODEL: HUS1 - (Humanoid Utauloid Series 1)
|- |align="center"|GENDER |Female |align="center"|VOICE RANGE |UNKNOWN |align="center"|RELATED CHARACTERS |NONE |- |align="center"|AGE |15 (estimated) (Although she is a robot technically, this is how her creator intended her to be) |align="center"|GENRE |Pop, Rock, Electro dance |align="center"|HOMEPAGE |NONE |- |align="center"|WEIGHT |116 lbs (53 kg) |align="center"|CHARACTER ITEM |Wing-shaped horns built onto her head ((Meant to emphasize that she is a humanoid, or strange character. Doesn't really come off that way))) |align="center"|CREATOR |NekomimiLapis |- |align="center"|HEIGHT |160 |align="center"|VOICE SOURCE |NekomimiLapis |align="center"|PICTURE LINK LIST |CONCEPT ART, PIAPRO, PIXIV, DEVIANT ART, GELBOORU, GOOGLE IMAGE, PHOTOBUCKET |- |align="center"|BIRTHDAY |March 9, 2013 (The day she was thought up) |align="center"|LIKES |singing, drawing, baking cookies, being patted or "petted" |align="center"|MEDIA LIST |NICO NICO DOUGA, YOUTUBE |- |align="center"|RELEASE DATE |UNKNOWN |align="center"|DISLIKES |Talking (because she stutters), watching animals or people in pain, when people say she is emotionless (she claims she has emotion) |align="center"|SIGNATURE SONG |NONE |- |colspan="6"|PERSONALITY: Kaijuune is a stubborn, determined humanoid who was the result of a fail project of an amateur scientist. She is very neurotic, and is prone to wide eyes and awkward screaming when in the presence of a fire or something like that (fires usually started by her horrible cooking). She is very loving and caring, but has trouble showing her emotions since she is merely a humanoid. She is extremely childish and cries when an animal or person is hurt, when someone teases her, or even if someone pokes her. She hates when people poke at her horns or make fun of her stitched, pale skin. Although she can sing properly, she stutters uncontrollably when she talks, and because of many teasers she chooses not to speak a lot. |}

==Supplemental Information== Hair color: (Bright whitish-blonde)
Headgear: (Strange wing-shaped horns colored black and orange.)
Eye color: (Dark green)
Earphones: (CHANGEME)
Dress/Outfit: (Multicolored black-orange shirt just below her bellybutton,orange jacket, black tie she wears around her neck, shorts trimmed with black and orange lace, knee high high-top boots )
Others: (CHANGEME)
Nationality/Race: (Humanoid/Japanese)

==Voice Configuration== Her voicebank is not yet released. Will be edited.

This article is written and certified true and correct by the author of the character. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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