(Japanese: 開化 花 - (Kaika Hana)

開化 (Kaika; blossoming.)
花 (Hana; flower. Perhaps this is because of the fact that she was inspired by the VOCALOID Lily, and the fact that she is very beautiful and lots of people find her pretty.)

TYPE: Yuniloid
MODEL: Yuniloid-06 - The sixth Yuniloid.
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AGE 18 GENRE UNKNOWN HOMEPAGE Official Yuniloid Blog
WEIGHT 140 lbs/63.50 kg CHARACTER ITEM Test tube CREATOR Yunikōn-P
HEIGHT / MEASUREMENTS 5'7 ft/173.73 cm VOICE SOURCE Yunikōn-P PICTURE LINK LIST Art to be added.
BIRTHDAY June 22, 1995 LIKES Science, doing experiments, labs, teaching, math, and people who are smart. MEDIA LIST To be added.
RELEASE DATE None yet. (Kaika Hana is a WIP UTAUloid.) DISLIKES Not being able to do science, people who aren't intelligent, breaking things, things not being clean, and things that aren't done precisely. SIGNATURE SONG None Yet.
PERSONALITY: She is very nice but a bit edgy and OCD. She is a scientist when she isn't singing. She enjoys doing experiments and loves scientific theory and doing math. She is very smart, and she also loves animals and nature.

Supplemental Information

Hair: Pink, about waist length when it's down.
Headgear: She has 2 red sticks in her hair that hold up her bun when she's in the lab.
Eye color: Green.
Earphones: Gold with pink cherry blossoms on them.
Dress: She wears a blue dress with a brown belt, and a white lab coat over it. She wears black tights and black flats. She usually has a pen behind her ear, and has red glasses. She usually wears goggles, and they're on her head when she isn't using them. YL-06 is imprinted on the left side of her neck in orange lettering.
Nationality/Race: Japanese/Human
Favorite phrase: OK、何も壊していないのですか? (Don't break anything, ok?)

Voice Configuration

Her Voicebank is a stronger, slightly deeper female bank. Her Voicebank contains mostly Japanese phonemes, but there are a few English phonemes in the bank.

Usage Clause

Usage clause will be distributed with Voicebank.

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

The details seen on this page are certified true and correct by the UTAU's creator, Yunikōn-P.

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