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Kaiyone Kuro

くろ かいよね
'black ocean-sound'. This name has no particular connection the the UTAU. The name was chosen by the creator because 'it sounds pretty'.
TYPE: Scratchloid, MOTOloid
MODEL: none
GENDER (see below this template) VOICE RANGE Undecided / voice not released RELATED
Miwa Funanori - Despite her page not yet being created, it will be soon. Miwa is Kuro's best friend.
AGE 17 GENRE Undecided/Unknown. HOMEPAGE Unknown
WEIGHT Whatever is the healthy weight for a 17-year old. IDK. CHARACTER ITEM Raspberry. CREATOR Song_Covers63 (also known as MotoAmaya)
HEIGHT Unknown VOICE SOURCE unknown / not yet decided. PICTURE LINK LIST Not available
BIRTHDAY 1st September LIKES Raspberries, horror games, mucking around MEDIA LIST Not available
RELEASE DATE not yet! DISLIKES Bullies, Blackcurrant flavored stuff, People who say 'Kaiyone' is her first name. SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
ADDITIONAL INFO: Currently unavailable.

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