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Name: Kaminari Furasshu Japanese: 雷のフラッシュ Gender: Stallion/Male Age: 24 Weight: 52kg 114lb Height:6'3 (190.5cm) 85 in. Width:36 in. (91.4 cm) Birthday: February 16, 1980 Related Characters: Dashing Thunder (Brother), KAITO (BFF), Rin (He thinks she's cute) Character Item: Flash Bang Voice Range: Not Yet Known Release Date: Due By May 30, 2015 Voice Source: ドノバン Likes: Talking to friends, Singing at high speeds, His soft append, CosMo, Hatsune Miku. Dislikes: Leeks, His Dark Append, North Korea, DESuNE KAWAiiLOID.

Personality: Even though he has encountered horrible things in his childhood, he now manages to keep a smile on his face and makes his friends laugh when he tells his jokes. He has scars on him and has seen many other UTAU's die. Other than that, He's very cheerful and can be a real good friend to you. He can have very interesting conversation with you. His headset changes color when he sees something he wants or likes or for something he doesn't want or like. His skin and hair color changes for each append he has. His mark which a -01, +29, +01, -29 also changes signs for each append. He doesn't brag about his differences with almost ALL UTAULOID community, but he likes to talk about his other appends. He plans on learning English in 2018 and sing in English in 2019. He doesn't like his dark append because he plans on being the dominate UTAU and hates Kasane Teto. He sometimes doesn't like his shout append because he barely quiets down. He also cannot hear his whisper append and he rather likes to sing to himself rather than sing publicly. His other appends have different heights, personalities, weights, likes, Dislikes.

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