Kana and Kali Saito are UTAUs created by TheVocaloidPug. They are still undergoing voice auditions.

Usage & preview

Type in this:

|Box title=Kana Saito
|Row 1 title=Age
|Row 1 info=16
|Row 2 title=Voice Provider
|Row 2 info=None yet
|Row 3 title=Relationships
|Row 3 info=Kali Saito (Fraternal Twin
|Row 4 title= Work in progress...
|Row 4 info=
|Row 5 title=
|Row 5 info=
|Row 6 title=
|Row 6 info=
|Row 7 title=
|Row 7 info=
|Row 8 title=
|Row 8 info=
|Row 9 title=
|Row 9 info=
|Row 10 title=
|Row 10 info=
|Row 11 title=

to see this:


?action=purge Click here to refresh the preview above

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