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Name: Kanashii Oto (Sad Sound)


Model: 0.1 (tattooed on his chest)

Gender male Voice Range - Related Characters ATLAS (boyfriend),
Age (physically 6) 16 Genre - Homepage Alester Oishii
Weight .1 oz (he is a 3d projection of light that is given mass) Character Item Dry Spaghetti (He likes to chew on this and is often seen with a stick of it in his mouth) Creator Alester Oishii
Height 3 feet 2 inches Voice Source Alester Oishii Picture Link List -
Birthday June 24 Likes Video games, manga, yaoi, anime, drawing, fun activities. sweet things Media List -
Release Date ‎‎August ‎11, ‎2015 Dislikes Bitter foods, cars, pedophiles, being outdoors, naptime Signature Song Odds and Ends


A white fox made up of 3d projection technology.

Clothing: Mostly provocative clothing, due to the fact he works as a cosplay model

Nationality/race: American, Cyberfox


Kanashi Oto ACT 1:

Kanashi STATIC Append

Still being tested.

--- i edited just for a bit , i hope it helps

i can edit more if you wanted me too

(Yarui Munegi)

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