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(Japanese: 櫻井 カノン - さくらい かのん - Kanon Sakurai)

ALIAS: Sae - (Kanon doesn't like her name, so she sometimes asks her friends to call her Sae)
Sakurai - (well of the cherry blossom)

Kanon - (flower sound)

TYPE: UTAUloid - (she's and UTAU)
MODEL: 825 - (her model number written on her shoulder. It represents the author's birthday with the lucky number in the middle)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE C4 - C5 (easily) (can go higher, but if too high, her notes will sound distorted) RELATED CHARACTERS

Kika Kobayashi (closest friend)

AGE 15 GENRE Pop, Rock, Soft music (sounds good in fast songs, as well as slow songs) HOMEPAGE Kanon Sakurai (This is Kanon's blog page )
WEIGHT 110 lbs (50 kg) (doesn't have a problem admiting her weight) CHARACTER ITEM Grape, Gamecube controller, or rubber glove (she likes grapes a lot, and loves video games. The glove pops out of nowhere and she uses it to hit people when she's very excited) CREATOR animegurl4321
BIRTHDAY July 27, 2010 (it was the date that the idea of Kanon was first thought of. She doesn't get older.) LIKES Grapes, video games, her glove, shojo manga, her friends, sleep, her cooking (which nobody else likes), singing MEDIA LIST カノン NICO NICO DOUGA, カノン%22 YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE April 16, 2011 (released earlier than expected. was supposed to be released on her birthday) DISLIKES scary things/horror, when people don't eat her cooking, when people make fun of her for liking video games, getting in arguments SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Kanon is a generally happy kid who loves video games about as much as she likes singing. She thinks she's a video game character and is saying things like "HIYA!" and smacking people with her rubber glove. She gets scared easily and cries over dumb things. She can sometimes over-exaggerate things and is pretty gullible. She's shy in public and doesn't like talking to strangers, although she likes to make friends. She looks up to Camila Melodia as a rolemodel and hopes to one day be elegant and ladylike as her.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: (Dark Brown)
Headgear: (None)
Eye color: (Purple)
Earphones: (White Headphones with blue circle glowy thing)
Dress/Outfit: (White no sleeve jacket with purple trim, light purple shirt with white trims and moons on the top and hem, a black skirt with purple trim, purple legwarmers with a moon and star on the right legwarmer, armwarmers with speakers and accesories on them, along with a dark purple and light purple garter and belt attached to her skirt.)
Nationality: American/Japanese

Voice Configuration

Kanon's Act1 Voicebank can be downloaded here: (some of her sounds don't have their oto.inis fixed. If you know how to edit oto.inis please fix them. If not, please leave them be.)

Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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