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Kaori Ringone

Kaori portrait

Name Interpretation:林檎 (Ringone): Apple Sound: The origin of her name was when NinjaMitsuki was singing Bad Apple in a soft, sweet voice. She decided to make an UTAUloid of that voice, and Ringone was decided.

カオリ: Fragrance: A name chosen for its generally pleasant meaning.

Gender: Female Age: Unknown Character Item: Apple Voice Source: NinjaMitsuki
Likes: Gardening


Creator: NinjaMitsuki Signature Song: Wind's Nocturne

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Pinkish Red

Eye Color: Apple Green

Headphones: Apple shaped.

Outfit: A colorful dress that comes in all the colors apples can come in. There are apple designs on some parts. She has laced boots and white stockings.

Official illustration:

Art by Chorvaqueen

Voice Bank Download

She can be downloaded here:

Usage Clause

Feel free to use her for artwork and songs, just be sure to give credit and do not claim her as your own. 

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