== Kaoru Okinawa== Okinawa Karou

Type: Mascot

Gender: Female

Voice Range- 60- 130 bpm

Related Characters: Ryoko Nagano (Friend)
Okinara Kaoru

Kaoru Okinawa

Age: 14

Genre: Pop

Homepage: CosplayCollect/ twitter

Weight: 100 lbs.

Character item: Chainsaw

Creator: Oburi Neiru

Height 5' 0

Voice source: Oburi Neiru

Picture link: on this wikia

birthday- July 4, 1998

likes: Anime, Acting, Playing Violin

media list: Coming to youtube

release date- July 4- 2012

dislikes: Demons, Being hurt, Being seen without makeup

Signature songs: Monochrome kiss, Dance of the dead

Trivia: Just like Ryuto the mascot of Gachapin, and Nekomura Iroha the mascot of Hello Kitty, Kaoru is the mascot of Kuroshitsuji, or Black Butler

Personality: Kaoru is seen to be quiet and slow talking, and loves the color red. She is a grim reaper and is considered silent but deadly. She is seen to sometimes seen to be jealous or even wants to be friends with Tei Sukone. She has no intrest into boys, just being herself.

Hair Color: Greyish Blue

HeadGear: headphones

eye color: Yellow- green

Headphones: Midnight blue, sometimes black and red, with yellow accents.

dress: black vest shirt, with black pants, and a red jacket lined with black, she wears it on her shoulders. She has a red neck tie with a white stripe down the middle. With red miniboots.

Nationality/Race: Shinigami, Grim reaper, death god

Favorite Phrase: Shi Ka! (death!)
IMG 1341

Kaoru's Close up

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