My utau

Karafuru zetsubō

Zetsubo has a long, sad history, thus her name origin,Karafuru zetsubō, which means directly, colorful despair. she has the ability to change into the different colors of the rainbow, each being her different voices and emotions, with full rainbow being her basic voice and she has mixed emotions about her memories.


"Wait! Wait!" Mitsaku said as Konome walked out the door. "You cant just leave!" she pleaded.

"Oh yeah? Watch me!" konome stormed. "if you treat me like this, why shouldn't I?" 

maybe i should go from the start. mitsaku is a normal, 16 year old girl. two years ago she was moved to bellon high,where unfortunately she had no friends. for about four weeks she was the shy kid in the back of class. then she met konome-san who quickly became her boyfriend. on october 03, 2013, she made a new male friend and konome found out at mitsaku's house and konome mistaked her for cheating on him. and here we are now.

as mitsaku and konome were fighting, they unknowingly walked outside and into an abanded factory. the sign entitled " UTAU FOREVER, INC." they argued all the way until they went into a room with a strange machine with capsules including Kasane Teto, exept with blond hair, and other UTAUs. there it broke into a fistfight and konome shoved mitsaku into a capsule and pushed a button. And then there was black.

mitsaku woke up in a white area, exept the memory of mitsaku was gone. now, it was zetsubo. her hair started to get longer until it reached her elbows. her hair turned violet, then dark purple, then blue, then green, then yellow,then red, then orange and it exploded into all colors of the rainbow. her clothes swowly turned into an aprin. she became a utau. when she changes emotions her hair is a certain color, and her voice changes.

Color Code

violet-nervous-queasy voice

dark purple-glum-voice as if sighing

blue/light blue-sad-depressing voice

green-devious-develish voice

yellow-happy-cheery, very high pitched voice

red-angry-tense voice

orange-emotional-voice to be used in "let it all out" songs

all of the obove on one - mixed feelings-normal,kinda high pitched voice

Other Details


hobby:thinking about life of mitsaku



picture creator : N/A message me if it's yours and i'll give you credit

realease date:N/A

birthday:october 03, 2013 (zetsubo's not mitsaku's)

likes: thinking, reading,wandering

dislikes: to be around too many people, short bursts of memories of konome-san

signature song: colorful sadness (hair:orange)

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