Kuroi Karasu

(Japanese: 黒いカラス; Kuroi Karasu)



Kuroi; Black/Dark - Karasu; Raven/Crow


Stormloid; #1


Gender Female
Logical Voice Range F#3~A4
Age 17
Genre Pop/Rock
Weight 105 lbs (46.7 kg)
Height 5' 5" (167.64 cm)
Character Item Cotton Candy
Birthday October 25
Likes Ravens, Singing, Archery, Pulling Pranks and other Trickery
Dislikes Small children, people who are loud, one-uppers
Release Date October 25, 2011
Related Characters

Kyoune Kuroi - Best Friend

Nedan Yuki - Best Friend (Crush)

Kuroi Kasu - Brother (Brother)

Fushigi Kage - Older-Brother Figure

Okashi Kara - Younger-Sister Figure

Akairo Bara - Friend

Home Page Website
Creator Stormi (stormilove)
Voice Source Stormi
Picture Link List DeviantART
Media List



Signature Song n/a


Karasu is very kind, and hardly ever gets mad or upset, but when she does it can lead to her holding a grudge for years. 

She can get along with basically anyone unless they're overly loud or immature. 

Karasu reference

Supplemental Information

Hair Color: Raven black, reaching her mid-thigh, with two colored streaks that flow from above the ear. (Left; Blue Right; Red)

Eye Color: Left; Red Right; Blue

Headphones: Simple indigo colored head-set.

Dress/Outfit: School-type uniform with arm warmers and knee-tall boots.

Nationality/Race: Japanese/American (Demon)

Phrase: You can't listen to music with your ears; you must listen to it with your heart!

Voice Banks

Download here please!


Please don't claim Kuroi Karasu as your own UTAU/OC/ECT.

She belongs to Stormi! Please give credit when you use her!

(Or Stormi will find you, and give you a really long lecture. uwu)

Note from Stormi

- This is still a big WiP! I will be adding more voicebanks soon!

-If you have any questions, don't be afraid to contact me on Youtube or DeviantART!

- Thank you for viewing my page! (And downloading Karasu if you wanted!)

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