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    Karasu Yoshida

(カラス 吉田)

Type: None

Model: Tr:349

Name Meaning: Karasu (Raven)

        Yoshida (Lucky)

Gender Male Voice Range G#2~D5* Related Characters

Kein Yoshida (Brother)

Kamui Yoshida (Brother)

Age 23 Genre Slow, Gothic, Requiem Homepage Main Page
Weight 48 kg (108 lb) Character Item Feathers Creator Oblivion772

164 cm (5'4")

Voice Source Oblivion772 Picture Link List None
Birthday January, 5th Likes Birds, the sky, magic, machinery, mousse Media List Soundcloud
Release Date November 15th, 2015 Dislikes Slackers, sympathy Signature Song To be released...
Personality: Karasu is a gloomy and pessimistic (although he insists realist) man, vain and sarcastic with a dark sense of humour and a distinct lack of emotions. The type of person to not be kind, but not cruel either. Simply bluntly honest.
  • UTAU recommends his range G#2~G6. This is affected by the breaths. This is the range based off of my experiences using his bank.




Version 1.1: Download here!

Version 1.2: Download here!

Version 1.2.2: Download here!


Version 1.1: Download here!


Version 1: Coming Soon!

English VCCV:

Version 1: In progress!

Songs (Descending by date released):

Ashes to Ashes

The Little Mermaid



Fun Facts:

-Originally, Karasu was a character in the game Fire Emblem Awakening, the first character that I had created in that game.

-Karasu was a trickster in the game.

-Karasu was originally made in 2012, but only recently got transferred into an UTAU.

Terms of Use:

Karasu Yoshida is a free voicebank, you are not allowed to make money by using it (Not including commissions). You may not  redistribute this on your own. Should you wish to distribute changes made to the voicebank, contact me.

Use of Karasu Yoshida is allowed in video covers, music covers, and choruses. If you use him, you must identify that he is in the song.

Commercial use of Karasu Yoshida and his likenedd is forbidden without prior permission to do so. For permission, contact me by email or other means.

Use of Karasu is allowed in any non-commercial for without permission, including scenes of graphic intent.

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