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Karui Mirai

(Japanese: 軽い 未来)
Karui/軽いLight, Mirai/未来: Future
MODEL: v200 (Seen on left boot)
GENDER Android (Male or Female depending on veiwer's interpretation VOICE RANGE D3-B5 RELATED CHARACTERS

Hotaru Mai (Alli-Chan) (Best Friend)

Lollipoid (Friend)

AGE 14-18/mid-teens GENRE Perferrably Pop HOMEPAGE N/A
WEIGHT 105 lbs (47.6272 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Monitor Screen on Stomach CREATOR ZekoNeko12
HEIGHT 5'8" (152.4 cm) VOICE SOURCE ZekoNeko12 PICTURE LINK LIST Reference Art
BIRTHDAY June 9(Birthdate), April 6(Reincarnation Date) LIKES Hotaru Mai, Plushies, its "mother", small gadgets, Lollipoid MEDIA LIST N/A
RELEASE DATE June 11, 2014 DISLIKES Denki Sai,  Its birth parents, not knowing its own gender, adults


【UTAUカバー+PV+DL】自傷無色【軽い 未来】
PERSONALITY:  Karui normally hangs around with Hotaru Mai, Alli-Chan's UTAU.  It loves to be surrounded by plush toys and small gadgets it find laying around.  It doesn't like being around other UTAUloids made by ZekoNeko but it tends to talk to Lollipoid a lot. It stays as distant as possible from adults unless Hotaru tells it otherwise.  Since its parents had put it into a coin as baby before it was reincarnated,  it dispises all adults other than Hotaru Mai and its "mother".

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Purple Headgear: Wires attached to its head, Bandages on right eye and left cheek Eye color: Black Dress/Outfit: Darker Purple than hair dress with yellow straps and tied up sleeves above elbows, Monitor screen on stomach with a waveform that moves with voice, black boots with
Karui Mirai

Full body image

blue straps and heels with glow and POWER signs on both sides of boots Others: Lighting marks on cheeks, has doll-like joints Nationality/Race: Japanese

Voice Configuration

This UTAU may sound like other UTAUs made by the same creator.  I'd using the flag g+5 to make its voice a little more mellow sounding.  The voicebank is romaji CV with hiragana alias.

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Update Info


Additional Info

-Mouth doesn't move at all -Mouth stays in a frowning angle -Monitor's waveform moves when speaking  -Mainly becomes loving towards Hotaru

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