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She is cheerful and silly, but sometimes isn't too great with conversation skills/social cues. She has a habit of blurting things out or accidentally saying the wrong the thing. She likes to 'think outside the box' coming up with solutions and ideas that aren't considered "normal" or "common".

Supplemental Information

Headset: A simple ear mic.

Main Clothing Colors: Black, purple and magenta

Eye Color: Cyan

Fur Color(s): Dark gray and white

Species: Anthropomorphic Wolf

Configuration: CV Romaji with Hiragana alias (as of her act 4 2.0 update)

Available on: Windows PC

Voice Configuration

This section contains her vocal traits, and tips on using her voice.

If not used properly, she can sound very robotic and choppy with a metallic lisp. Sometimes her consonants can come in a bit too strong, especially the r's. These issues can be fixed by adjusting pitch envelopes and region properties. Edits to her oto are also permitted. If this is done, her vocals are clear and expressive and somewhat realistic sounding. Her voice provider notes that her voice often sounds cutesy (which in all honesty wasn't an intended result but they like it), and is very good with pitch bending.

One prominent issue her creator has noticed, is that in lower octaves, her 'a' syllable tends to become warped and distorted. If this problem occurs, Peaches recommends replacing with 'o' instead. They sound very similar, so it works as a replacement for the distorted 'a'.

A note from her creator:

I am American. My first language is English. Therefore, some syllables might have some pronunciation issues. Also, don't expect her to sound like a native Japanese speaker. The American accent is going to be prominent in my UTAU's vocals.

Voicebank Distribution

A list of her currently available voicebanks can be found here:

*note: her Voicebanks are distributed via the site Mediafire, and they are all in ZIP format. And, as stated above, are encoded in Romaji CV. Her creator highly recommends her act 4 2.0 voicebank, as it has better quality than the others as well as being aliased in hiragana making her more suitable for Eastern users and a larger variety of USTs.

Before releasing any media featuring Okami, please read her full terms of usage:

Other terms of usage:

R-18 Content Allowed? Permission Not Required

Commercial Use of Voicebank Allowed? Forbidden

Commercial Use of Character Allowed? Forbidden

Do these terms apply to derivative characters/voices? Yes, but derivatives must be created with permission

Voice Sample

This is a video of her cover of the song 'Rolling Girl'. The cover belongs to Peaches Sparklepants, and they ask you to please do not steal this cover and/or claim it as your own. Peaches does not claim rights to the song itself however as the original is by Wowaka. Below the video is a link to the original source. There you can find a link to the UST (which is by Wizard) and such.

-UTAU- Kashu Okami- Rolling Girl +UST

-UTAU- Kashu Okami- Rolling Girl +UST


A playlist of Kashu Okami's media (as made by her creator) can be found here:



  • Whenever she is sad, her ears droop.
  • She is Peaches Sparklepants' first and only UTAUloid.
  • The reason why her character item is pizza, is because it's one of her creator's favorite foods.
  • She doesn't have a favorite kind of pizza, she loves all of them.