Dafone Kasu (Kasu Dafone)

She is an UTAUloid created July 25th, 2012. She has no official voicebank, no official voice range, and is unknown to everyone except a few. Her voice is thought to be a higher version of GUMI's. She has no real pictures yet.

Kanji: かす だふぉね

Kasu has a sailor's cap directly on top of her head with a picture of an anchor in the center of the cap. She has a sailor's uniform as a top with a red tie, and Kagamine Rin-like shorts. She has Rin-like clips in her hair that are black. She has deep hazel eyes and about shoulder-length hair.

UTAU friends: Kasane Teto, Yowane Haku, Uta Utane (Defoko), and Akita Neru.

She loves to sail, hence her cap and uniform, and she loves sushi. Kasu is 19 years old.

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