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Name Interpretation: 花 (ka) "flower" and 澄 (sumi) "clear" |- |colspan="6"| TYPE: ANGELoid (UTAU Project Angel)  

Model: R.07 |- |Gender  |Female |Voice Range  |n/a |Related Character | Emi Pop (friend)

Amatersu (fellow ANGELoid)

Yume (fellow ANGELoid)

Ayame Akane (fellow ANGELoid)

Daichi Akane (fellow ANGELoid)

Rumi Amai (fellow ANGELoid)

Rei Natsumi (fellow ANGELoid) |- |Age |18 |Genre | |Homepage |Deviantart |- |Weight |125 lbs |Character Item |Thunder |Creator | RosesAreCrazy |- |Height |5'4 |Voice Source |

RoseareCrazy |Picture list |Deviantart |- |Birthday | |Likes | taking long walks, window shopping, the Apple store, Megurine Luka (her role model), pulling pranks |media list | Youtube

Soundcloud |- |release date | |Dislikes |being alone, juice, being ignored |Signature Song | |- |colspan="6"|PERSONALITY: Kuudere; |}

Supplemental Information

  • Hair Color: Blue
  • Eye Color
  • Nationality

Voicebank Downloads & Configuration

  • please do not steal Kasumi's voicebank or use in an inapproiate way, i worked really hard on her.


Usage Clause

  • You may NOT re-distrubute her voicebank.
  • You may NOT claim her as your own.
  • Do NOT change her appearance in anyway, unless for a cover.
  • Do NOT pitch her voice and change her into a pitchloid.


Kasumi is a part of the UTAU group Project Angel

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