Kasumi Fujihara

Kasumi is a 14 year old girl who certainly doesn't look like it. She is usually very quiet and intellectual,but likes to hide it so she doesn't make anyone feel bad. She cares deeply for other people and has a very strong sense of justice. She loves animals,music and reading just as much as she lvoes cooking. She is a very well rounded girl and was granted special access to attend highschool instead of finishing junior high. She speaks several languages and was born in Japan. Her mother was American and her father was a mix of several nationalities. She moved back to Japan when her parents died and started living at a shrine where she was taken in by her Aunt. She is a very well rounded girl with a voice that could soothe the angels. Her mature,deep and caring voice holds power and authority,and yet shows just how much she cares for other people. She is quite tall and has a DD cup size. She loves to paint and loves the colors blue and red. She has short chocolate brown hair that sometimes goes a lighter color when she goes outside for too long. Her eyes are the color or the deepest sapphire blue. Despite her height and size,she is actually very light and does not gain weight. She holds a very powerful secret,and she does not know about it yet. Sometimes,she sings on the street for people who ask and to cheer the unhappy up. She plays many instruments,loves to paint and sing,and is very talented.She's too modest to say so though.

AkitaNeru91 16:07, September 5, 2011 (UTC)AkitaNeru91

Her voice is still in development,so please be patient.

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