UTAU MMD Happy Synthesizer Kasumi Mamiko Featuring Po and Kuota03:57

UTAU MMD Happy Synthesizer Kasumi Mamiko Featuring Po and Kuota

Kasumi face

Kasumi Mamiko

真身子かすみ - (Mamiko Kasumi) "Truely Beautiful Mist"


TYPE: Medialoid (Android)MODEL: Fm.13-U5B

Gender Age Height Weight/Measurements Birthday Character Item Likes Dislikes
Female 17

152 cm


Bust:93cm/ 34 C cup

Waist: 81cm/ 32 inches

Hips: 91 cm/ 36 inches

October 30th Water-Droplet pendant: This pendant contains her energy. if the Jewel dulls and the mist dissappears Kasumi stops working. Books, reading, Water, butterflies, Cats, stars and Foggy,  animals in general, studying people and animals. Favorite time of day: Twilight Confrontation, rude people, agrression, yelling, loud noises, fighting. 


Kasumi was Built by a Vocaloid fan to try to create a vocaloid that was a physical being, as apposed to just a program with an animated avatar. In the process of uploading her Voicebank and "brain" into her body, there was a grave error which caused her data to split into two partitions and thus, creating her second personality.The LEDs that make her pupils were also shorted, causing there to only be code in one of her eyes. Kasumi's creator fell on hard times and then used Kasumi to make money by passing her off as a real, human singer. (hiding her errored eye with an eyepatch which she sometimes still wears) Because her creator treated her only as an appliance, Kasumi gradually began to lose touch with her "synthetic " emotions and  eventually, people started to catch on to her strange, distant behaviour and so, to save face, her creator then Created her "sister" Honoka. Kasumi was then Abandoned and began "life" on her own.
Medialoid Information and Other Characters in the Series

The Medialoids are a series of Canadian Utaus Created by SoganaxSaeki on Deviantart. 

Only Honoka and Kasumi are related

Despite her model number, Kasumi was the first Utau created in the Series.

Other Utaus in the Medialoid Series

Honoka Mamiko (真美子ほのか)

Zero Koii (子いいぜろ)

Enmu Rippa (立派えんむ)

Kiko Anzen

Medialoid Series Credits

Medialoid Creator SoganaxSaeki's Deviantart page:

Honoka Mamiko is voiced by LunarZafira on Deviantart. Her page:

Kasumi Mamiko's Voice is Provided by SoganaXSaeki

Kiko Anzen's voice is provided by Kanacchi on Deviantart. Their page:

Yoichi-Masaki & Hale-Hamasaki's Utaus the Traploids:





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