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GENDER |Female

RELATED CHARACTERS Cater speak (leader of the sweet tough)

AGE |15 

WEIGHT |156 lbs (58 kg)

CHARACTER ITEM |her big fork

|CREATOR |Manami Riko

HEIGHT |5'3" (189 cm)


BIRTHDAY |may 19

LIKES | coffe, sweet's, making cakes and fish sticks for jun koko|

DISLIKES |sour cakes Haruka makes, fluffy stuff|

|SIGNATURE SONG |i=nightmare

PERSONALITY: she loves sweet's she will eat a pack of pock's and leave no trail behind.she is quik and she has a fork with her along to kill her enemies and sweeten up all the blood though  it sounds weird she is a ninja the big fork is like a katana to her and she is quiet when she wants to kill she is fun and always hyper ready to wake up and go to her dojo.

Tumblr m6puavFleq1r922azo1 500 large

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