Character Information:

Name: Kat Soma

Gender: Female

Age: 22

D.O.B.: 8/25/1990 2:00 A.M.

Release Date: May 29, 2013

Voice Range: E3 ~ F#5

Genre: Any but sounds best in songs like "Sleeping Beauty" or "I'm Sorry, I'm Sorry" 
Utau kat soma reference sheet by superbarass-d672hhr

Kat Soma Reference Sheet (Black and White)

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 119 lbs. 

Hair color: Dark Black

Hair style: Straight

Eye color: Lavender

Species/Race: White/Cat-Person

Nationality: Japanese/American

Likes: Singing, Flying (in airplanes), listening to music, anime, manga, Boris from Alice in the Country of Hearts, beimg a ballerina, being a singer, being a good fighter, 

Dislikes: when someone disses anime/anime fans, extreme perverts

Personality: calm, loving, sweet, quiet, violent at times, mildly pervert-minded, not innocent

Character Item: Collar

Story: Her mom died shortly after Kat's birth and her dad is currently missing. Now fights and enjoys life. 

Catch Phrase: "But, I'm a kitty!"

Outfit: collar, cute frilly dress, combat boots, pink lipstick.

Creator: AcesBlitz

Voice Provider: AcesBlitz's friend

Related Characters: Jorudan Kamiru (Best Friend), ExectLine (Best Friend), TRAP Oji (daily annoyance), Shukitsu Shikachi (friend), Kodomo Byouki (friend), Thresh (daily annoyance), Shinai Hoshii (Best friend), SCREAM (Best Friend), Ryukazi076PETENSHI (best friend), Furiri Resu (friend)

Voice Information:

VB Download (ACT 1 CV Romaji with Hiragana Aliases)

Release song: Cat's Dance

Other works using this voicebank:

To contact creator, PM AcesBlitz on Youtube, Message AcesBlitz on UTAU Wiki or send a "Note" to SuperBarass on Deviantart. 

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