Kato Torimero

(Japanese: 鳥めろ加藤 - Torimero Kato)

鳥めろ (Torimero; bird and mellow)
加藤 (Kato; add/increase and/or wisteria)


かろ (Karo; his original name, barely used anymore)

TYPE: (To be determined)
MODEL: 0130
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE ??? RELATED CHARACTERS Athena (older sister, no voicebank)
Hakani Onnoha(friend)
Zeri (friend)

Kari Torimero (sister)

Haruka Onnoha (best friend, voicebank type will be determined)

Kandakai Koe (friend)

Namito Riku/Komine Mami (friend)

Mimo (friend)

Ryoko (friend)

Akira Tayasuine (friend)

AGE 15 (13 when created, older than Kari by two minutes) GENRE Any HOMEPAGE Tumblr
WEIGHT 75 lbs (34.0194 kg) (estimated) CHARACTER ITEM ??? CREATOR Latte
HEIGHT 5.4" feet (164.592 cm) VOICE SOURCE Latte (PolarLatte) PICTURE LINK LIST References are currently a WIP
BIRTHDAY May 9, 2001 (character created on January 20, 2014, VB created on May 15.) LIKES '-Limes'-Relaxing/Slacking Off

-Occasionally picking on friends

-Switching between languages





RELEASE DATE Probably never DISLIKES '-People randomly disturbing his relaxation time'-Rip-offs

-Being compared to his sister

-Being reminded of his V1 voicebanks/The V1 days


PERSONALITY: Will be updated soon.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Short black (Sometimes really dark green), sort of messy hair with an ahoge.
Headgear: Kato does not wear any headgear
Eye color: Teal/Mint, but sometimes tilts more to the green scale
Outfit: Refer to references
Nationality/Race: Japanese. He's also Filipino shhhh

Usage Clause/Rules

  • Will be updated soon...

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