Name:Katsura Taisho (The creator is American by birth, and does not know the meaning of the name.

Height:5` 4
Weight:120 Ibs.
Likes:Anime, Singing.
Dislikes:Stupid people. People who insult her.
Date of Creation:4/3/2010 (April Third, 2010)
Language:English, Japanese. The creator is thinking of making a Russian voice bank for her.
Character Item:Golden Teacup

She is the only UTAU that seems tone-less when singing, as if dead-panned. The creator states "I was bored when recording, therefore, she will sound bored aswell.". While we know she was finished the day before a Late-Easter, her creator says she was in her head already.

Katsura is very emotional, and will have random bursts into song. Thanks to her being an UTAUloid, when she goes to a high-pitch, her voice seems to only change very little. When she is annoyed, she will screach at the top of her lungs to get somebody to stop annoying her.

She currently has no love interests, or friends.

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