1. Kawai picture2


the girl that hates kawaii and someone to plot with


a scam artist 


the one person he  loves


evil child that is nice but needs to learn self control


She dosen't like talking to him


they know each other but no details passed that kawaii ask and he said if i tell you me and big al will have to go to jail for a long time

|- |age |17 |genre | |character item             gba with pokemon fire red |- |likes | being alone edward  |dislikes | kawaii 


singing | |}

  1. his item is a gba (a old nintendo game) the game in side is POKEMON FIRE RED[1]
  2. he likes nothing
  3. he dislikes people that aren't smart
  4. he likes edward but he don't notice it
  5. he is forsed to stay near kawaii takaioto (a young boy) if he dosen't kawaii tazes him with a apple no detail on how 

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