KaylaShiihito NekoCat

(Japanese:  - ケイラ  - Kera)


(Kayla; Pure in America )


TYPE: Utauloid
MODEL:  K and a Heart on her left shoulder; 123 on her back (sometimes Unseen)

Ritsu Namine (Friend, Crush)
Tei Sukone (Friend and her bully)
Miku Hatsune (Friend)
Rin Kagamine  
Ritsuko Namine (
Ritsu's Genderbent, Friend)

Momo Momone  (Admires Her), Teto Kasane ( Fights with her for fun)

Masada Stewarts (Boyfriend)

Kida Fukushima (Video game buddy, friend, same creator)

Kaisha Fukushima (friend, same creator)

WEIGHT Kayla doesnt like to reaveal her weight CHARACTER ITEM 2 swords, Chcolate Candies CREATOR Kayla Rhinehart
BIRTHDAY March 31, 1999 LIKES Chocolate, Fighting with her two swords,Action Movies, Ritsu Namine,Masada, and Video Games MEDIA LIST None yet
RELEASE DATE ??? DISLIKES Bullies, except Ritsu's, Vegetables, Bugs, Scary Movies SIGNATURE SONG Unknown
PERSONALITY: Kayla is a shy and yet friendly girl. She has a crush on Ritsu ( to shy to tell him her feeling towards him). She is mostly quiet at times. She loves to ear all kinds of chocolate. It is noted that she has an inner person of her self and has monster strength ( Naruto Series from Sakura Haruno). She has two swords, she always wanted to be a swordsman.  When angered her eyes turns into red and takes out one of her swords and scares the person away that is annoying her. Even for the love she has for Ritsu, she has a boyfriend named Masada.

Supplemental Information

Hair color:.Black; to waist
Headgear: N/A Only in Append and Act 1-4
Eye color: Brown; L Shaped
Earphones: .None
Dress:.A blue Shirt with no stripes on the shoulders, belly button is shown, she has blue and gold, armwarmers, shorts with a blackbelt, and shoes.

Act 2: she has gold jacket half zipped, showing her half orange and white half shirt, and orange gloves that goes with it, and a bow that matches. Has Gold Headphones with K on both sides.  She has a black and white skirt with the same color shorts, with same color shoes, with white soles.and her hair is tied in a ponytail.

Act3; She has blue and a  Black T-shirt with Fire designes. A gold and Black Armwarmers and Gold shoe with White Soles, and Black with stripes on the side,hair is loose to the waist. Blue Headphones

Act 4: A Black leather jacket thats half-zipped, A white tank top under a blue lace shirt. Black Pants, and a blue shoe. Kayla's hair is tied in a ponytail on the side. Orange headphones

Nationality/Race: Japanese

Favorite phrase: それは素晴らしいです!!!-Sore wa subarashiidesu!!!- That's awesome!!!

Voice Configuration

Kayla is designed as a Japanese Voicebank, she has a very high pitched voice. It is noted that her voice so high that she can break any glass that's nearby. Her voice is used in Kana or Romaji.

Voicebank comes out soon!!!! :3

The contents of this page is subject to change without prior notice.


  • Kayla gets angered easily
  • Kayla favorite Naruto Character is Haku,Sasori,Neji, HInata, and Sakura
  • Kayla loves dogs more than cats
  • Kayla likes Ritsu Namine, she follows Ritsu sometimes, without being seen (she's good at sneeking)
  • People call Kayla the Cutest and Nicest Girl in Voca Town
  • Her eyes turns red when Angered
  • Kayla is a gamer (this explains why she plays video games with Kida Fukushima)
  • She watches DBZ (Drangon Ball Z)
  • It is noted that she can be a little Yandereish but not that much (when another girl hits on her boyfriend or the ones she doesn't like)
  • She eats alot of choclates
  • She sometimes want to be alone or be around her friends at times
  • Kayla is mostly quiet and likes quiet places that is calm
  • Kayla likes Yaoi
  • She loves Soccor
  • She loves her boyfriend Masada, and hangs out with him sometimes
  • She and Masada always said they wanted to be swordmen together, they have swords of their own


Kayla (Chibi) Anger
Kayla (chibi)
Kayla Shiihito pic 3
Kayla Shiihito Pic 2

Kayla Shiihito Pic 4
Kayla Shiihito Act 2
Kayla Shiihito

Gold Append

KaylaShiihito NekoCat

Nyan Nyan :3

Kayla Shiihito Gold Append I Pad
IMG 20140510 135018

School Uniform

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