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Kayla is a very nice (But loud mouthed) girl. She usally wearing a Hetalia Shirt (fav anime) or Cosplaying Gumi. She has few friends but her Ghost friend Yami (she has no real name, so Kayla calls her Yami). Kayla usally happy and it's hard to know when she's sad and gets kinda derpressed. Kayla sometimes goes up to people with a big cheast and yell 'Vital Regons!'
Name: Kayla Young
Age: 11

Gender: Female

Likes: Junk food, Sleep in, Cats, Anime.

Dislikes: Runing, Mornings, People who talk like 'Yooo GURLLL', staying away from the computer for more then 5 days.

Birthday: Aug 24, 2000

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