Mitzumi Kawakaze

(Japanese: 川風ミツ)

ALIAS: Mitsumi; Mitzu - (Her first name is spelled a bit differently due to her wanting to be 'unique')

Previous last name was Kazene

Kawakaze = River breeze (Mitzumi = Mitsumi )

MODEL: TSU - 45 - (located on her ear piece)
GENDER Female VOICE RANGE E3 - A5 (approximately) RELATED CHARACTERS Yokokumo Natsuo (Rival and Friend)
AGE 17 GENRE Varies, Rock HOMEPAGE Pokemania111
WEIGHT 95 lbs (43 kg) CHARACTER ITEM Windows Cursor CREATOR Pm111/adderstreak
BIRTHDAY November 18, 1997 LIKES Being left alone, Academics, Art, being competitive MEDIA LIST YOUTUBE
RELEASE DATE October 23rd, 2011 DISLIKES Being bothered, Yokokumo Natsuo, sports, wimps SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Mitzumi can be what most would call tsundere, but a bit more extreme. She rarely smiles and if she does, that usually means she has a mischievous plan that'll lead to your downfall. She has a strong grudge against Natsuo since she feels he wouldn't exist if she never lent him her voicebank (The two share the same one as of now). She always feels the need to best him in everything and never shows kindness to anyone but her lover (which she lacks at the moment). She is quite sensitive and saying the wrong thing can result in a random cursor sticking out from your body. However, despite all this, deep inside all she really wants is just for someone to ignore her cold exterior and see how much she really needs someone.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: Copper/Orange
Headgear: A light blue wing shaped ear piece
Eye color: A sea blue
Earphones: White, wing-shaped earphones
Dress/Outfit: A white shirt with a yellow and blue belt at her midsection, two blue and green belts around her waist, grey yoga pants, a grey and yellow sailor-cape, and black and white shoes. Also wears grey gloves.
Others: Is often found holding a Kunai whose blade is shaped like a Computer Cursor.
Nationality/Race: A mix of Chinese and Japanese

Voice Configuration

A g2 or g-2 flag is usually applied depending on preference (the former providing a more tomboyish sound, the latter a younger)

Notes tend to be airy depending on the voicebank used, and 'i' sounds turn out scratchy in the higher octaves.

 Some details are based on existing information and usage experience. The details seen here may be subject to change without prior notice.

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