Kazene Neri (風音ネリ - Kazene Neri)


風音 - Kazene: Breeze sound


TYPE: Futureloid Ghost Project (or Futureloid for short)

MODEL: FGP-1 (FGP: a short or play name for Futureloid Ghost project and 1 for her lucky number)


GENDER: Female Ghost

RELATED CHARACTERS: Oliver (Crush),Hiyama Kiyoteru (Teacher)

AGE: 11 (Mature age for a Ghost)

GENRE: Scary songs,Pop,Rock,Classic

WEIGHT: 34 kg

HEIGHT: 150 cm

CHARCTER ITEM: Fireflies,Pigeon,Mango


BIRTHDAY: February 11th 2012

DATE RELEASE: 11th September 2013

LIKES: Fireflies,Mango,Pigeon,Dark places,Light Places,Oliver,Scary Songs and Movies


PERSONALITY: She is a Female Ghost.She can talk to people and feel things.She can through to wals,etc.She is also a Dandere.Her hand can change to a Monster hand.She can also float.She can stand Light and Dark places.She often showing her emotions.She is Very Scary when she is mad,so becareful! Her video will be added to YouTube when the author of Neri is 18 years or older,Right now she is 11 years old.She is a nice ghost and dosent like to scare people.



Hair color:Dark blue or Violet Pigtails that ends to her wrist

Eye color:Black

Cloth:Black Kimono with Red Bow

Sock:Short and white (She dosent like to wear shoes)

Nationality/Race: Half chinese,Half Indonesian



  • Do not redistribute Neri's voicebank without the author's permission.
  • Do not edit Neri's voicebank and/or claim it as yours.
  • Do not use Neri's voicebank to violate laws and regulations, and/or promote crime and/or racism.
  • Do not use Neri to insult and/or slander third person and/or third party.
  • Do not sell Neri's voicebank and/or character commercially.
  • No limitation is imposed on resetting parameters.
  • No limitation is imposed on fanart making based on Neri.
  • Redistribution of Neri's voicebank is not encourage.
  • Redistribution of Neri's edited voicebank is forbidden.
  • Avoid Mary-Sues



  • Even she is a Dandere,she is cool and fun girl
  • She has a Italian/Lazy Voice
  • She loves Mangoes

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