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  • "Kyou" meaning echo or resonance. While "Kazu" meaning "harmony" combined with (ki) "radiance". "The echo of Harmony and Radiance". 
Gender ???
Age 18
Weight 49.89kgs (or 110lbs)
Height 172.72cm (or 5'8)
Birthday  TBA
Release Date TBA
Related Characters Chiyo Ne
Personality Kazuki Kyou tries to be very cute but, don't underestimate this to-be Idol! Kyou is difficult to make angry but is at times clumsy. 

Other Information

Likes: Weapons, Beautiful environments, and Ghost stories 

Dislikes: Spookie noises, Unimportant nosy questions from strangers, and Aliens 

Kazuki Kyou is a Utauloid created and developed by Sainoloid. 

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