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Kazune Neko Official Art
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Kazune Neko is a 1 year aged normal cat,but have an "abnormal" hobby for a cat.As a cat,Neko loves chasing a rope,ball or yarn-roll like other cats.But uniquely,he shall leave it all when someone play a song near him.If he recognize the song,he will singing with his own language a.k.a cat's meow.That's why he always equipped with a special designed headset for cat.

Type : UTAUloid

Voice Range : c3-c6

Voice Provider : My cat

Language : Cat

Origin : Indonesia

Author : Fuda Uematsu

NB :Kazune Neko work on UTAU software but not compatible with human's .ust. So forgive me because there's no download link for Neko's VB (for now).


Kazune Neko's name inspired by Crypton's Vocaloid singer,that's it has means like them."Kazu" means "Value","Ne" means "voice",and "Neko" means "cat",and his full-name means "The Value of Cat's Voice".Awkward,right? :v But i like it because i love to listen "real" song of a cat.In other words,this name has philosphyc means "A hope to make a cat's voice more than a meow" :3

For more detail about KazuneNeko,go to his author's page (Indonesian)

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