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Hiro Kazuo (Japanese=ヒロ和夫)


Hiro Kazuo

Name Interpretation: Hiro=generous寛大な

                                        Kazuo=man of harmony調和男性

Number| 14JS


TYPE| Utauloid        PERSONALITY| Hiro is a popurlar teen who loves technology. Hiro's very intellegent and has a great memory. His favorite food is purple Grapes. 


GENDER| Male            |VOICE RANGE| A4-C3              | RELATED CHARACTERS| Xenon Electron (being created)             AGE| 15                       GENRE| ?                    WEIGHT| 200lbs                         CHARACTER ITEM| Purple Grapes                   CREATOR| ジェームズ·マイケル            HEIGHT| 5'3 ft               VOICE SOURCE| ジェームズ·マイケル and UTAU (program)        DRAWING(S) BY| ジェームズ·マイケル BIRTHDAY| December 14th 1998                    LIKES| Technology, Reading, Sleeping                DISLIKES| Loud noises, Work             FAVORITE COLOUR| Purple                     RELEASE DATE| Sometime in 2014?


Hair Colour| Light Brown with dark brown highlights~

Eye Colour| Hazel~

Headgear| One eared headset with an antenna

Dress Style|Light gray tanktop, dark gray shorts wwith a magenta trim, two belts and a strap with a bag on his back and gray shoes.


Race| Japanese


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