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(Japanese: 光る音 カズヤ - ひかるね かずや - Hikarune Kazuya)

光る音 (Hikarune : shining sound)
カズヤ (Kazuya: harmonic)

Kazuya Hikarune is not related with Sakiya Hikarune in any way.

MODEL: ZA - 02
GENDER Male VOICE RANGE ? RELATED CHARACTERS Shinami Hikarune (twin sister)

Zunyan Kurokaze (friend)

WEIGHT 88 lbs (40 kg) CHARACTER ITEM I-pod CREATOR ひかよりん Twitter
HEIGHT 5'1" feet (154 cm) VOICE SOURCE ひかよりん PICTURE LINK LIST will be added soon
BIRTHDAY June 10 LIKES Sport, anime, manga, games, listening music MEDIA LIST will be added soon
RELEASE DATE August 19, 2013 DISLIKES Someone who bullying Shinami, annoying people, cockroach, being ignored SIGNATURE SONG NONE
PERSONALITY: Kazuya is a cheerful boy. He is Shinami twin brother. He likes to smile and joke. He always playing his game when he get bored. But, he is smart person. He likes listening music in his Ipod.

Supplemental Information

Hair color: mostly black
Eye color: red
Earphones: white and gray headphones
(see concept art(?)

Nationality/Race: Indonesian - Japanese

Voice Configuration

Support both romaji & hiragana

ACT 2 download
Kazuya RETURN download

Usage Clause

  • Do not change any appearances that already be given out unless
  • Do not pitch the voicebank
  • Allowed to be used freely, not for sale
  • Do not copy his voicebank
  • Do not claim him as yours
  • Do not steal his voicebank

This article is certified true and correct from Kazuya's creator, Hikaru Azura. Please do not change anything here without creator or Admin's permission.

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