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Character Information

Name: (full name) Kazzie

Gender: Male

Utau kazzie is not amused by acesblitz-d6fhwia


Age: 11


Release Date: July 26, 2013

D.O.B.:  December 3rd

Height: 4'11"

Weight: 91.lbs Race: Human

Nationality: Belarussian/Japanese

Languages: Russian, English, Japanese. (Only has Japanese voicebank so far)

Voice Range: D#3~G#4

Genre: Any

UTAUloid  type: Shouganai-loids

Model: NoneCreator: AcesBlitz

Voice Provider: AcesBlitz

Character Type: Tsundere/Shota

Likes: ice, popsicles, soccer, ExectLine, blades, anime, ice fishing, wolves, fur, straps, yuri, Aoki Lapis, when people are shorter than him, the color Lavender, ink pens, metal, VOCALOID

Dislikes: talking, singing, being short, being called Tsundere or shota, his fellow UTAU, TRAP Oji, SCREAM, people who treat him like a baby, hand-held pencil sharpeners, the color green, cute things, animals, perverts, pedophiles, eye patches, his master, when his master makes him sing "weird" songs

Personality: Cold, hostile, easily embarassed, easily angered, violent, bad tempered, impatient, embarrased by feelings, un-open. 

Related Characters: Kodomo Byouki (friend), TRAP Oji (enemy/fear), Jorudan Kamiru (Friend/enemy at times), ExectLine (Best friend/Big Brother figure), Kat Soma (friend/enemy at times), Shukitsu Shikachi (Friend/enemy), Shinai Hoshii (enemy), Furiri Resu (fellow UTAU), Thresh (Freind), Ryukazi076PETENSH

Utau kazzie concept art and information by acesblitz-d6f02av

Kazzie Concept

I (freind/enemy), SCREAM (Fear/Enemy), 96 69 (fellow UTAU)Hair Color:  Dark Silver with light blue edges. 

Hair Style: Long straight bangs with two twins braids that go down to the knees.  'Eye Color: (unpatched eye) Teal, (patched eye) LavenderSkin Colo'r: Pale

Voice Information

Currently in ACT 1. Romaji encoding with Hiragana aliases. 

Only sings in Japanese

ACT 1 Japanese VB DL:

UTAU RELEASE Shineba iinoni (I wish they'd just die) Kazzie05:30

UTAU RELEASE Shineba iinoni (I wish they'd just die) Kazzie

Kazzie's release

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