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== Kechiba Sakei ==

けちば さけい



Gender Female Voice Range


Related characters

Mizu Seikyo (Family)

Mizu Yuki (Family)

Ongaku Nami (Family)

Weight 105 pounds Character Item Creator



Height 5.6 Feet Voice Source Same as Creator Picture Link List DeviantArt
Birthday  August 6 19XX Likes Media List
Release Date August 6 2013 Dislikes Signiature Song

Character Design

Hair color:

Eye color: 




Related Characters

Ongaku Nami - Fellow DEVI-loid

Mizu Seikyo - Fellow DEVI-loid

Mizu Yuki - Fellow DEVI-loid

Voice Configuration

Currently in progress

Usage ClauseEdit

- Do not change her appearance without consulting the creator first.

- Please share any work with the creator, via her deviantart or youtube. This includes any rps.

- May be used for rp's.

- Avoid any mary sues.

- Do not use her to make fun of any races, sexes, or be discriminatory and rude.

- You can use her freely, but do not claim her as your own, and do not make any changes to her voicebank without consulting the creator first.

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