Keiko looking normal

Keiko Kawarune's ACT 2 Design

Gender Female Voice Range C4-C5 Related Characters

Amaya Kimurune/Kawarune (Best Friend/Sister)

Tei Sukone (Idol)

Zatsune Miku (Idol)

Age 14 Genre Varied Homepage YouTube
Weight 9 stone Character Item Cloak Picture Link List None
Height 5'4 Voice Source Alita/Goldflower7 Media List YouTube
Birthday 16th August Likes Being yandere, pretending to be deredere, her friends, other yanderes, cloaks, her blue eye, dancing, and blue. Creator Alita/Goldflower7
Release Date 24th August Dislikes

Tsunderes, Gakupo, capes, stupid people, her brother, rules, green, her green eye, and claws.

Signature Song None

Keiko is a UTAU with a British voice source

Amaya Kimurune, (ACT 1) was going to be her best friend, but since Amaya's ACT 1 turned out to be a failure, the voice provider of Keiko and Amaya decided that to make things easier they would just make them sisters, so she will be re-released as Amaya Kawarune and as Keiko's best friend.

Download ACT 1 here

Download ACT 2 here

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