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Keiti Bluebird

(Japanese = ケイティ Keiti Burubado)
Katie Bluebird
MODEL: Breeze-63-Bird
GENDER Hermaphrodite (mostly female) VOICE RANGE E4-C5 mostly (highest possible note = D6) RELATED
AGE unknown exactly / 'juvenile' in bird terms GENRE any, but does not suit dramatic songs as their voicebank is unable to handle the strong vibrato. HOMEPAGE none
WEIGHT 500 grams CHARACTER ITEM nothing CREATOR MotoAmaya
HEIGHT 15cm VOICE SOURCE voice provider is MotoAmaya's friend and does not wish to be named. PICTURE LINK LIST lineart found on Deviantart.

Colouring by MotoAmaya


their supernatural ability to sing

MEDIA LIST and NicoNico
RELEASE DATE soon! :) DISLIKES people who tease her non-human form SIGNATURE SONG none
ADDITIONAL INFO: Being a bird, she looks like a joke UTAU - but the creator is actually pretty serious about this and is determined the UTAUloid will sound good.

(Backstory) Keiti is a bluebird who can sing in a beautiful shrill voice. Everybody who comes across her watches her in awe, but when Keiti has finished singing she zips away into the air and does not wait for her praise.


Keiti has a LOT of background noise in her voice, but it can be removed quite easily in an editing program like Audacity. Her voice is shrill and high, and has chirping effect sounds. Her VB will be put up for download when I have OTO'd it and fixed the bad-sounding wave in her voice.

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